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Add-On Mods
DropShot [+$4.99]
QuickScope [+$4.99]
Auto Aim Zombies [+$4.99]
Sniper Breath [+$4.99]
Mimic [+$4.99]
JumpShot [+$4.99]
Jitter Fire [+$4.99]
Quick Aim [+$4.99]
Easy Sprint [+$4.99]
Quick Reload [+$4.99]
Auto Spot [+$4.99]
Active Reload [+$4.99]
Master Mod [+$39.99]
Controller Options
Rush Processing [+$9.99]
Extended Warranty [+$9.99]
Rapid Fire Mod
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*Colors pictured are not a perfect representation.

Make your own Modded Controller! Start by deciding if you want your joysticks to light up or not. Then, move on to which shell you want. Each shell has a high gloss finish to give your controller a one of a kind look. Next up is your choice of bumper color. Randomize your controller or create an awesome design. Then choose a color for the top trim of the controller.  After that move onto the bottom trim. This is the piece that is near the Mic plate. Don't forget to choose a color for your ABXY and Guide buttons. Be sure to check out how bullet buttons will look with your design! Then choose the most important part of your controller, the joysticks. Match them with the Ring of Light or choose to go a different route. It's all available! Finish with the Start and Select buttons as well as the D-Pad. Don't forget about the Triggers! They aren't pictured because they are behind the controller. Now you've created a truly one of a kind controller with our Make Your Own Modded Controller feature. 

After designing your controller, you'll need to choose which Mods you want installed. We offer a wide variety of different features that we are sure will work great with your favorite game. If you decide you want them all, be sure to choose Master Mod instead. Master Mod will give you all of the Mods at a discounted price. For information regarding what each Mod does, click on the question mark next to the "Add-On Mods" second. 

Keep in mind that when you make your own modded controller, it will come standard with our exclusive Rapid Fire Mod regardless of which Add-On Mods you decide to add. Our Rapid Fire Mod includes fully adjustable Rapid Fire, full adjustable Dual Rapid Fire and 2-Way Adjustable Burst Fire. It also includes the small features that make Gamers Option so great such as Instant On/Off, Mode Memory, AutoSave, Factory Reset and Mode Reset. Their a bunch more not worth mentioning here. This is all included free of charge!

After you'd added those features when you are making your own modded controller, be sure to check out the additional "Controller Options" section. Here you can upgrade whichever joysticks you chose for your controller to a set of Accuracy Joysticks. You can also extend your warranty for a lifetime! If you need your controller in a rush, be sure to purchase rush processing. This will move your order to the front of our order que. Please keep in mind that when you make your own modded controller, this is the most customized product we offer and may take a little while longer to process!

And of course, our controllers are always 100% undetectable online. If you're looking for a prebuilt blackout modded controller, we suggest scrolling around on our site. They work great with all Call of Duty games just as they were designed to. They also work with all other FPS games including but not limited to GTV5, Halo, all Call of Duty Games, and Gears of War. Keep in mind that your controller can always function as a normal controller as well so you can use it for any and every game!
Customer Reviews
good price compared to others
  i got a custom controller from controller chaos and it was good but it was 2 times as expensive i wish i would of gotten it from here :(
  Reviewed by:  don from south down under. on 8/24/2014
sickkk which and green
  customized white and green and got all the master mod features. good controller feature. a little expensive though
  Reviewed by:  eric from miami. on 8/24/2014
already customized the best controller
  already customized the best controller this feature is awesome. i hope tit gets here fast!
  Reviewed by:  darren from warren. on 8/24/2014
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