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Playstation 3 Rapid Fire

10-Mode PS3 Rapid Fire Chip From Gamers Option

A Whole Different Side of the PS3 Controller. 

We've done it! We've found a way to combine what we learned from our Xbox 360 Modded Controller line, with a whole new side of Playstation 3 Modded Controller technology to bring our customers the best Playstation 3 Modded Controllers on the market. Below is a full description of all the features shipping standard on every PS3 Modded Controller from Gamers Option. You'll be amazed at how much we managed to cram into one extremely user friendly controller.

*Features are included with all controllers
Packed Full of Features:
  • Preset Speeds for Popular FPS Games
  • 2-Way Adjustable Burst
  • Completely User Reprogrammable 
  • Mode Memory
  • Speed Memory
  • 10 User Friendly Modes
  • Auto Aim Technology
  • DropShot
  • Dual Wield
  • Jitter Fire
  • Adjustable Fast Reload
  • Default Options

2-Way Adjustable Burst: As with our Xbox 360 Modded Controllers, we made sure our 2-Way Burst Mode was available on our PS3 Modded Controllers. With our 2-Way Burst Mode, any mode can instantly be set to burst instead of standard rapid fire which means your burst will shoot at the same speed as that mode was programmed to. And of course, it's 2-Way burst, so you have full control over the length of the burst (2-10 Shot Burst Settings).

Mode Memory: Don't worry about turning your Modded Controller off some special way like other Modded Controllers require. With our PS3 Mod, your controller will automatically remember the last mode you are in and will always start back up in that mode.

Speed Memory: When you find that perfect speed for the game your playing, your PS3 Modded Controller will never forget it! Unless you change it of course. Once you have left programming mode in whichever mode you were editing, the PS3 Modded Controller will remember what speed you just programmed that mode to, forever.

Jitter Fire: Why wouldn't a feature like Jitter be standard on our Modded Controllers? We included every other feature our customers asked for... With Jitter Mode, you can shoot your semi-automatic guns as if they were fully automatic in the Call of Duty series. This works great for guns like the M16!

Adjustable Fast Reload: This is one of the most useful features we have developed yet. With adjustable fast reload, you can set your PS3 Modded Controller to reload any gun about twice as fast as a normal reload. Not only will this save you time when reloading but it saves you a perk as well. No more wasting a perk on sleight of hand.

Drop Shot: You will notice a huge increase in your kill:death ratio when you get a chance to use our drop shot feature. When enabled, your player will immediately lay flat on the ground when you pull the trigger, letting you focus on shooting.

Auto Aim: Although it only works when playing Call of Duty Zombies or campaign mode in the Call of Duty series, it will take your offline gaming to a different level as well. When you enable it, your guns will automatically lock onto the enemies in campaign mode or the Zombies when playing Call of Duty Zombies. All you need to do it pull the left trigger just as you normally would to aim. Your gun will snap onto the closest Zombie or enemy.

User Reprogrammable: You have endless speed settings you can program each mode to. All you need to do is find which speed is best for you. And because you have endless speed settings, their is no way a game can put a block on our controllers. If they tried, all you would need to do is adjust your controller so that it gets past the block.

Preset Speeds: We've provided you with a full set of preset speeds that have been fulled tested on each game to make sure it is the absolute fastest achievable rapid fire speed for each game. And yes, all speeds are programmable, but when you don't know what speed is best for which game, just stick with the default speeds we provided.

Dual Wield: Dual Wield allows you to rapid fire both guns your player is holding at the same time. For example, in Call of Duty, when you have akimbo set on your pistols, you can pull the left and the right trigger and rapid fire both guns at the same time.

Default Options: So you programmed a mode to try and find a better speed but now you want to go back and start with the default speed again, no problem. Our PS3 Modded controller gives you the ability to reset any mode back to it's original speed setting.

10-Modes: All of these features come standard on our 10-Mode chip. I know it seems like a lot to cram into 10 modes, but we wanted to keep our Modded Controllers user friendly at the same time as offering all this great stuff. So we fit it all into 10-Modes so you don't have to scroll through hundreds of modes to set up your PS3 Modded Controller the way you want it to be set up.

Game Compatibility

Because our PS3 Modded Controller has the ability to the programmed 100% by you, this controller works for every FPS (First Person Shooting) game. Now, we could go on and on with the list of over 100 FPS games our customers play, but to save time for you and space for us, we have condensed it down to only the most popular FPS games.