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1 Day Processing

1 Day Processing on all Xbox 360 Modded Controller Orders

As You Know...

Our Modded Controllers are all hand built by our professionals here at Gamers Option. If you'll notice on our site, we have many different options for many different Modded Controllers. With so many different combinations, we can't stock every controller. Because of this, each controller is hand built following each order. 

We do our best to build your custom controller as fast as we possibly can but we do require at least one day to build each controller. We aim for building and shipping within 24 hours but due to order volumes being slightly different each day, we've asked our customers to allow us up to 1 day processing time for each order that includes a Modded Controller. This does not apply to orders that do not include a Modded Controller. Those orders not including a Modded Controller do not require a processing time and almost always ship within 24 hours. 

On top of our processing time, we offer a 24 hour shipping period. You can learn more about this policy by visiting our shipping details page. Just click here. With all this being said, we'd also like to let our customers know that staff issues and time of year can also play a part in order processing time. During heavy order volume, orders may be delayed as well as times where we have a staffing issues. We do our very best to predict these times but unfortunately, no one is perfect and some issues are simply out of our control. 

We will do our best to  make sure our customers know the current processing time before they purchase. As we said earlier, generally this is going to be a 0-1 day processing period. If you have an extremely important order, we ask that you please contact us prior to purchasing to find out our real processing times. Our customer service reps will be more than happy to provide that information. 

So, if you plan on purchasing a Modded Controller, we ask that you please allow up to a 1 day processing time and a 24 hour shipping period before the order is on it's way to you. With that in mind, you can also always purchase an upgraded shipping option to help cover those 2 extra days lost from the time you check out to the time your controller is at your door.

Thanks for reading!
From the Gamers Option Staff to you, have a great purchase!